Six Question Character Challenge

I saw this challenge on Kristen Kieffer’s blog ( when I was reading about the hate George R R Martin has been receiving from his ‘fans’. It involves choosing six questions for the characters from your book, as an attempt to explore their personalities and to identify which characters need to be developed further.

The challenge was originally posted by Brianna da Silva ( and welcomes anybody to take part so I decided I would because I’m always finding it difficult to find things to post about other than how little writing I’ve been doing.

Character 1: Samantha Beckett

Who is she?- A 17 year old in her final year of school.

  • A Contradiction- Doesn’t like to lead a group but if she doesn’t, she resents the leader’s choices.
  • Meyers Briggs personality type- INFP (Mediator)
  • Favourite Colour- Dark blue.
  • How would she deal with an apocalypse?- Get the people she cares about and keep them safe.
  • Her darkest secret- Her stubborness means that when she makes a choice, she sticks with it regardless of the consequences.
  • Where does she see herself in 10 years?- With more emotional stability.


Character 2: Detective Sergeant Marshall

Who is he?- Leader of the Justice Centre’s CID team.

  • A Contradiction- Taught himself how to fight but tries to avoid them.
  • Meyers Briggs personality type- ISFJ (defender)
  • Favourite Colour- Green
  • How would he deal with an apocalypse?- Find a safe house and weapons. And then food.
  • His darkest secret?- His family.
  • Where does he see himself in 10 years?- Older

That wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be, although that was probably because I already had done character bios for Sam and Marshall when I’d been putting off writing the last scene of The Game Begins.

I might make another one when I finish book 2 for some other characters,  and I’ll post a list of things I could put on here for you to choose from so I know what kind of stuff you want to see.

The website I used for the personality types is and apparently, mine is INFJ (advocate). Because I do a lot of advocating.

* I changed the question about slaying a dragon because it wouldn’t fit. Although an apocalypse is hardly more relevant.


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