Monday Book List

I haven’t done a book review in a while, because I’ve forgotten and because I haven’t had the time, but tonight I’ve been given a reprieve from dog walking since the fields are being cut so I thought I’d do something productive.

This Monday book list could be a weekly thing if people like it, so let me know whether this is something you want to keep seeing.

Parade’s End by Ford Madox Ford 

In this epic tale, spanning over a decade, war turns the world of privileged, English aristocrat Christopher Tietjens upside down. It forces him to question everything he holds dear- social order, morality, marriage, and loyalty. And it rocks the very foundations of English society. 

Thoughts: I tried reading this when the BBC adaptation came out in 2012, but didn’t get further than the first book. I restarted last week, and am now on the second book because I’m determined to read all four just so I can say that I don’t always read ‘murder books’.

 Playing with Fire by Kerry Wilkinson

Seven years ago, Martin Chadwick set fire to a Manchester pub, not knowing that a teenager was sleeping inside. 

With Chadwick’s release from prison imminent, and the victim’s father telling the papers he’s out for revenge, DS Jessica Daniel is left to keep an eye on him and his angry son.

If that’s not enough, a private investigator is doing a fine job of sticking his oar in and it looks like there’s a schoolgirl suicide ring in operation.

Jessica’s personal and professional life is in the balance- giving her barely enough time to focus on the person in her midst seemingly intent on burning everything to the ground.

Thoughts: This is the 5th book in the DS Jessica Daniel series, and I started with the fourth, but I don’t feel like I’ve much to catch up on. It’s more like a police procedural TV show than a book, which is kind of confusing at times, but the plot is interesting enough, which is why I haven’t abandoned it.

There would be more books if I’d read anymore, but Parade’s End is taking up a lot of my time and so is not writing my second book. Hopefully my writer’s block will go away and I’ll get something written this week, but if I don’t, you can count on this list being longer next time.




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