1 day as a writer

I did a poll on Twitter a few weeks ago, and a similar post on Instagram, about blog content, and the general consensus was that people are more interested in what writers do day-to-day than anything else. While I still don’t consider myself a writer (years of hearing from authority figures that anything art-related is ‘just a hobby’ does that to you) I thought I would give this a try.

07:50- Wake up. Realise the time. Roll over. Swear at duvet for falling off bed. Pull duvet back up. Swear some more. Wonder how creative my swearing can get. Decide am too tired to think. Fantasise about owning a Porsche and actually have a driving license.

07:58- Hear one parent leave for work. Consider getting out of bed for breakfast but figure it’s too much effort. Think about food. Think about regular exercise. Scoff at idea.

08:10- Wriggle about bed trying to fix duvet. Locate phone on bedside table (really just storage boxes I haven’t moved). Wait five hours for it to load. Try to find silence switch. Wait some more for emails to load. Delete emails. Consider reading emails. Decide not to bother.

08:14- Dig out iPad. Think about tidying room. Wonder how many bits of dust I could find. Realise effort too great. Remember named designated driver previous night. Panic until iPad loads. Forget about driving. Delete some more emails. Read some news. Get angry at some news. Try to get onto Pinterest. App ‘loads’ then crashes. Play Sims. Think how nice it would be to have money and to be able to just walk into a job. Move onto Tumblr.

08:45- See Sherlock series four promo poster. Get teary-eyed about series three. Remember being told about THAT MOMENT. Remember watching it.

08:54- Wonder what it’d be like to have that kind of following. Panic.

09:03-Have heart failure when dog headbutts door. Swear at dog. Get out of bed. Let dog in. Try not to get eyeballs or ears licked. Send dog away. Look at pile of clothes on shoe rack. Think about dressing tidily. Decide not to.

09:20- Talk to the dog. Ask parent for plans. Realise the attempt was waste of time. Trek to kitchen. Dig out pan for fry-up. Decide can’t be bothered. Put pan away. Put on toast.

09:30- Plan out funeral. Picture car embedded in tree. Watch police tut at ‘young drivers’. Think about the book I’m supposed to be writing. Wonder how much research my computer would take before it’d grass me up to police or psychiatric ward.

09:35-Return to room. Notice dent in cushion on chair. Realise spent whole weekend on it. Wonder how bad my physical health is.

09:40- Open word document. Stare at blinking cursor. Feel angry. Imagine throwing laptop and desk out of window. Realise that’s stupid.

10:45-Look at books on The Works. Put twenty in basket. Notice lack of space on bookshelves. Consider ebooks. Scoff.

11:30-Told to locate car keys. Hyperventilate. Switch off laptop. Say ‘am waiting for it to shut down’ as excuse to not go near car.

11:40- Find shoes. Go in search for plastic bag to put shoes in. Realise shoes need cleaned. Ignore thought.

11:45- Get in car. Move seat. Hit knees on dashboard. Drop hint about possible injuries. Am ignored. Sigh. Start the car. Hint some more. Still ignored. Start driving.

12:25- Survive. Go to shops.

13:30- McDonald’s. Regrets not getting milkshake.

14:10- Arrive home. Build motivation to clean car.

Okay, so there isn’t much writing going on, but that’s what my days are beginning to consist of. When I start writing again, I’ll definitely attempt this because it was kind of fun.


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