Character Questions

Getting to know your characters is arguably the most important part of writing. If you don’t know your characters, how will you write dialogue and explore their reactions? Their upbringings and opinions will affect their behaviour and since I’ve just done a few of these fact sheets for some more of my characters, I thought I’d share the questions I used.

If any of you have more to add or different questions entirely, feel free to share them in the comments section.

  1. Full name
  2. Age
  3. Height
  4. Build
  5. Eye colour
  6. Hair colour
  7. Scars or birth marks
  8. What kind of clothes do they wear?
  9. Quirks
  10. Health
  11. Never leaves home without?
  12. Special abilities
  13. Close to family?
  14. Upbringing
  15. Earliest memory
  16. Honest?
  17. Biggest secret? Does anyone know?
  18. Superstitions
  19. Religious beliefs
  20. Think or act first
  21. Predjudices?
  22. Argue or avoid conflict
  23. Lead or follow
  24. Peeves?
  25. Behaviour
  26. Fears
  27. Strengths
  28. Weaknesses
  29. Regrets
  30. What do they want most?
  31. Philosophy on life
  32. How have their experiences shaped them?
  33. How do they want to die?
  34. Have they ever killed anyone? How do they feel about it?
  35. Myers-Briggs personality type
  36. What kind of car do they drive? (Thanks, Casey, for the suggestion.) 

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