Monday Update

I’d come on here this morning to freshen this blog up a bit and ended up looking for a new template for over an hour. But I think I’m happy with the one I chose in the end so it hasn’t been a completely wasted morning.

Saying that, it was time I could have spent writing- which I’ve been doing more of since the weekend.

I thought about making some graphics up, like the ones included in the interviews with Suzanne Rogerson and KJ Chapman, because it’s been over a year since I started writing The Game Begins and most people seem to quite like the pictures with the quotes; is that something you’d want me to post?

I wanted to say thank you, too, for all the likes and comments on my indie interviews. I didn’t think they’d get as much of a reaction as they have, and every time I got a notification to tell me that somebody had commented, I abandoned whatever I was doing at the time to go and reply. I love talking to you and hearing what you have to say, so keep the comments coming. They’re greatly appreciated.




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