Wednesday Update

I signed up for NaNoWriMo on Monday after trying to make my mind up all weekend about taking part. It meant I didn’t have much time to do research or think about where the story’s going but I’ve been up early the last two days and written for thirty or forty minutes so I don’t feel too stressed out.

That being said, the website told me if I kept writing 400 words a day every day, I’d be finished in January, which isn’t exactly what I’d planned for NaNo. 50K is the goal and if I get that done, I should hopefully have a first draft ready before Christmas and possibly have the final version out by February.

And there will definitely be excerpts and an aesthetics board for you because I’m sure you’re all fed up of waiting for me to get myself in gear and get this sequel done.

I never expected it’d take this long but I think that by not rushing into anything, whatever version I do finally publish will be the best one, and the one I’m happiest with. It took a while before I had the idea for The Game Begins which I published and I’ve been trying to tell myself that I’ll be ready for the sequel when the time’s right.

Hopefully, NaNo will help with that.








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