Lulu vs Create Space

A few weeks ago I made the choice to move the paperback copy of my book from Lulu to Create Space. The new version finally arrived today so I uploaded pictures of it and the Lulu version for comparison.

Create Space:


Create Space:



Needless to say, the Create Space version looks more like a real book. But the royalties from Lulu are much better.

For an A5 black& white paperback, you get £4.43 if it’s listed at £9.99, and if Lulu list your book on Amazon and other sites, you make £1.56 from it. Plus Lulu isn’t as strict about formatting as Create Space is, so you don’t need to spend days adjusting the margins every time your manuscript gets rejected from the reviewer.

Create Space, on the other hand, you get $2.24 for a 184 page black& white book set at &8.99, because Amazon takes 40% and Create Space takes 20%. And when you opt into expanded distribution, you don’t get told where exactly your book is for sale.

Who said being a writer was fun?




2 thoughts on “Lulu vs Create Space

  1. Nothing about being a writer is easy. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    It’s very interesting to see the difference in royalties with Lulu and Createspace, though hard to judge the quality difference without physically comparing them though.
    I hope it goes well for you on Createspace. Make sure you do a Goodreads giveaway. It leads to lots of exposure, but that doesn’t seem to reflect in more sales or reviews. Still, seeing people adding your book to their bookshelf is a big plus, and they could one day turn into sales!

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