Birthday Giveaway Winners

So I’m 19 today. I still haven’t decided if that’s a good thing or not because I still get asked for ID and I’m definitely not responsible enough. But as promised, I chose 3 winners (although there wasn’t much of a competition) who will each get an e-copy of The Game Begins. 

1 Lu from Girl Who Reads

2 KJ Chapman

3 Fernanda from Mystery Date With A Book

If you would send me your email address via the contact form, I’ll send you the books when I get an internet connection; I’ve had this post uploading all day and I had to connect to somebody else’s wifi to get it on (don’t tell anybody).  


11 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway Winners

      1. It’s just thinking about someone reading it that gets me because I know that even if I’m happy with it, not everybody will be and some people just pick at things to be difficult (I’m not saying you will, btw, just that I’ve had someone do that before)

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      2. The book sounds amazing, I am sure that I am going to LOVE this book, and I never pick at a book : ) I can’t believe that people have done that, after spending so much time over it!

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