KDP Select is Better

I uploaded a post a few weeks ago about taking The Game Begins out of KDP Select and putting it on Draft 2 Digital, which would make it available on Kobo and iBooks and Scribd, and I thought that while I have internet access, I’d check to see how it was getting on.

The title of this post tells you enough about how I feel, since I’ve mentioned before that Kindle and Amazon aren’t so great for royalties, because although Draft 2 Digital doesn’t charge you anything for uploading your book and only does so when your book sells, those other websites haven’t got quite the same following as Amazon does.

With Amazon, there’s the star rating system, and the reviews which could mean your book gets recommended to someone who’s read something in the same genre, and then there’s the KDP Select fund, which means that you get paid for every page a Select subscriber reads.

And all that means you can spend less time promoting and more time writing- which means more books.


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