#FictFBFEB17 Day 1

If you’ve been on Twitter today, you might have noticed #fictfbfeb17 on your feed, and if you’re like me in that reading everybody’s responses inspired you to take part, you’ll understand why I was impatient for my internet connection to return so I could get involved. 

The event, started by Faith Rivens, will take place over the course of February, and is the perfect opportunity for the writing community to come together and show off their characters, which is exactly what so many authors have already. 

It isn’t exactly a secret that I’ve never finished any of these challenges, but this one was interesting, and I think it’s about time I introduced you properly to Sam considering that The Game Begins is one this month (!!!!!), so I decided that instead of sticking to Twitter to let Sam take over, I’d make an edit or two and let her take over my blog instead. 

But I had too much fun letting Sam introduce herself to stop myself, so naturally I had to get another character involved, and since he’s going to play a bigger role in the As Yet Untitled sequel (that’s a lie. It has a name. Stay tuned for the reveal on the 19th) it made sense that I told you more about Detective Marshall. 

This was fun. I can’t wait till the Friendship Flashback; Sam and Marshall are great to write together, although Natasha and her sass is definitely a competitor. 

Who else is taking part in the Fictional Flashback February challenge? Was it easy for you to choose the characters you wanted to share? 

Let me know what flashback you’re most looking forward to. I’d love to hear from you! 


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