One of the many, many versions of this book I’ve given up on was very Marshall-centric. It was a nice change to write from a different character’s perspective, but inevitably that version was abandoned, and became another unfinished draft. 

But his story stayed with me, so I made the decision to make this version (which I’m absolutely refusing to give up on) more about the characters than the cases they investigate. Reading detective novels always irritates me for that reason: the characters experience traumatic events and they’re miraculously recovered a few chapters later. And that event only gets a very brief mention in any later sequels.

I’m not saying I could do a better job, but this book is for me and to prove to myself I can write another one, so I consulted my list of things I don’t like reading and that was the easiest one for me to attempt. 

Marshall’s story isn’t going to be light, I’ll say that much. Character development and exploring their motives is something I could do forever and be quite content with, and Marshall is yet another poor soul I’ve put through the emotional wringer.


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