Sunday Update

I had a compulsion to refresh my blog again this morning. This is the second time this year, but I went for a completely different template this time.

It looks less basic this way, and I like it a bit more.

And I’m going to have some more book reviews for you soon, too. I realised the irony of my blog being called ‘Read A Lot’ when I haven’t actually mentioned what I’ve been reading, so I’m going to fix that. Or try to, anyway.

There’s another Indie Interview today, and this one is  with Joynell Schultz, so don’t forget to come back later to check that out. I’m going to be adding her novel Love, Lies and Clones to my tbr list next month, because I like the sound of it and the idea of there being a whole month devoted to Indie books, and ‘Indie March’ sounds catchy.

I doubt it’d get as much of a response as #fictfbfeb17 has, though. Not that I’d blame anyone for that. The prompts for the challenge have been great and has gotten Sam quite a bit of attention so that’s an added bonus, and reading other authors’ entries has also added to my tbr list.

Especially K.J Chapman’s upcoming novel Zombie Playlist. I think Dagger’s going to end up on my list of favourite fictional characters, and that’s before I’ve even read the book.




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