Writing Prompt Wednesday #33

You and I are going to have a little chat.


Indie Interview: Tom Minder

I've said it before and I'm saying it again: thank you. The Indie Interview series was started on a whim, and here we are 13 interviews later, and still going strong. Each Sunday, you read about a different author's experiences and lessons learned, and you connect with them or empathise. And that's exactly what I'd [...]

Indie Interview: Ash Gray

It's time for another Indie Interview, and this week, Ash Gray stopped by to talk about her fantasy novels, her inspiration, and what inspired her to keep writing. Ash Gray is a dragon with minuscule spectacles perched on her nose, living in a wonderfully dank, musty cave far away in an alternate universe. She types her [...]

Indie Interview: Alice Longaker

Before you read this week's Indie Interview, I wanted to say thank you for your continued support. I love reading about other writers' experiences and the hurdles they've managed to overcome to get their book published, and your likes and comments and patience is just the icing on a cake that's already pretty awesome. This week, [...]

Indie Interview: Steve Boseley

This week's Indie Interview is with Steve Boseley, whose collection of short stories, A Sinisiter Six, has been described as "incredible", "perfectly horrid", and 'brings you in then keeps you shivering" and if that isn't enough, it's earned several five-star reviews from its readers. Hi, Steve. Welcome to Read A Lot. Q: Had you always [...]