Thoughts On: Boys Beware by Jean Ure

I was answering some questions for one of a few author interviews I’m taking part in this month, and one of them asked about my favourite books growing up. It took me the best part of an hour to try and whittle that list down, and eventually I got to Jean Ure and Jacqueline Wilson. But in the end I settled for Jean Ure because her books were still within arm’s reach and a quick read-through reminded me of how funny her characters were.

Naturally after this I felt a bit nostalgic, so I picked up the first one I came across and it was Boys Beware.

Title: Boys Beware

Author: Jean Ure

Published: 2011

Genres: Family, friends &social issues. Humorous. Love and romance.

Buy From: Amazon 

Blurb: Even though Tash and Emily go to a nunnery (well, an all girls’ school, which amounts to the same thing!), they are into boys in a BIG WAY. They’re also stepsisters and the hugest of best friends. So when their mum and dad have to go Peru for work for a couple of months, leaving the girls in their own flat in Aunty Jay’s house, they are seriously excited.

Of course they’ve got to take their weird elder sister, Ali, hundreds of her Star Trek videos and Fat Man the cat, but apart from that they are INDEPENDENT GIRLS. And when they find out that there’s a dishy boy living in the flat downstairs, they just can’t believe their luck…


I was jealous when I first read it and I’m still jealous now. How did Emily and Tash get their Mum to leave them for 8 weeks (!!!!) on their own?

Okay, so maybe they weren’t technically on their own, but their aunt was a few floors down from them and they still had the flat to themselves. They got to experience living as a ‘grown-up’ for a while and have parties and chase boys (one boy. Their neighbour’s son who seems oblivious to their attempts to get him to pick one of them).

Some of the schemes Emily and Tash came up with were a bit cringe-worthy, but their antics were funny enough to be overlooked and I felt sorry for Ali most of the time. All she wanted was to stay in her room and watch her Star Trek videos.

This is a bit of a step down from the grittier stuff I usually read, but it’s nice to read a book and not be on the edge of my seat the whole time.

The opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine only. I have not been paid for this review.




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