Sam Beckett

“Crazy people don’t pretend they’re normal,” I tell him. “They accept who they are and I’d rather be the person who saves than the person who kills.”

Mason considers this for a moment. “Noble, but not true. You didn’t listen to me and if you really wanted to be the person who saves, you should’ve.”


Detective Sergeant J. Marshall

“You know what this feels like?” 

“No. But… things happened when I was a child; the things conspiracy theories are made of. Or television shows.” He looks thoughtful for a second, and then his expression becomes distant. “I block it out for the most part, but it’s always there, waiting.” He smiles bitterly. “I understand the feeling of isolation. You just need to remember that not everybody’s out to get you.”

Alex Carson

“You can’t be alone.” Her voice is quieter now, calmer. I don’t know what part of my speech got to her but it did and it took the fight out of her. “You can’t.”

“Why does it matter?” I ask. “You never bothered before.”

“Because you’re my friend.” I don’t expect the tears in her eyes. “Because life’s going to happen whether we want it to or not and where are you going to be?”

Daniel Anderson

“You know what, Sam? You’re right.” His shrug only emphasises his disinterest. “I don’t need to give a shit about any of you, so I’ll take you home and that’s it. But you wouldn’t last a day in the real world, so don’t pretend like you know what’s going on.”