Writing References

I’ve compiled a list of websites and resources useful for helping you beat writer’s block, find inspiration for new stories, choose the perfect character name and research that question you don’t particularly want anyone to see in your search history.


Crime World– True crime stories which will make your ideas seem less convoluted.

Fantasy Name Generator– Boasts over 1000 different generators, ranging from character and place names to fake book and song titles and curse names and city descriptions.

Firearms Tutorial– If you’re like me and don’t have the faintest clue about guns, this is a great website for getting the terminology right.

Guide to Lock Picking– For RESEARCH purposes only. Seriously. Do not try this at home. I’m not taking any responsibility for how you use what it teaches you.

Surname Generator– Baby names books only help you so much.

Writing World– Writing resources and references for a whole range of genres

Book Covers:

For when you’ve finally finished your last draft, or need some motivation to get there.


Go On Write

Rocking Book Covers

Self Pub Book Covers

The Book Cover Designer

The Cover Collection